Ecostar is involved in exploration of base and precious metals in parts of Africa. It also is exploring interests in mining of quarry for aggretaes.

Ecostar, in collaboration with its partners, engages in the following functions of exploration which take place prior to the drilling stage.

Mapping of major Geological features

Identification of Structural elements

Mapping Geomorphological (land form) features

Pseudo-3D cross section using DEM

Mapping of paleo-channels

Surface mineral alteration mapping

Integrated GIS analysis to aid in the selection of exploration target areas for Gold mineralized zones.

Identification of Gold prospective areas for further Geophysical and Geochemical studies.

Large scale mapping at a scale of 1:5,000 for the prospect zones identified in previous (ASTER based) study using Quick Bird imagery.

Field traversing of the area and geological mapping

Geochemical sampling, analysis and interpretation

Prioritizing mineralized areas for drilling sites

Core drilling

Sample analysis though its partner labs

Pre-feasibility reports