Ecostar International Holdings is a multidisciplinary firm involved in the development of real estate, mining exploration, and technology driven large scale farming.

Real Estate

Ecostar focus on development of high demand - high volume residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Its main focus is development of budget homes keeping in mind quality, functionality, and speed of delivery. Through its promoters it has developed large scale projects in India, Dubai, and East Africa. Ecostar is committed of delivering Quality in all its projects.

Mining Exploration

Ecostar is also focused on exploring concessions ranging from base to precious metals. It can speedily evaluate Greenfield perspectives and bring them to Brownfield stage though its exploration partners in the industry. Ecostar also invests in existing concessions and brings its know how to concession holders.


Ecostar is experienced in developing and operating large scale farms using the most advanced methods of farming in the industry, thereby producing high yields at lower costs. It successfully owns and operates farms for producing cattle feed in Africa and in the process of expanding into other commodities.